The DirectTrust® Partnership for Patients Program makes it much easier for patients to share information with their medical professionals at hospitals, medical practices and thousands of other healthcare provider locations.

IdenTrust participates in the DirectTrust® Partnership for Patients Program as a both a Certification Authority (CA) and a Registration Authority (RA), accredited by EHNAC for DirectTrust identity proofing and certificate issuance. IdenTrust DirectTrust Patient Certificates are also cross-certified with the U.S. Federal Bridge Certification Authority, meaning they can be relied upon for health information exchange with U.S. Federal healthcare organizations such as the Veterans Administration (VA), the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Indian Health Service (IHS) and other agencies.

For Patients

IdenTrust leverages over a decade of individual identity proofing experience to make the process easy and affordable for patients. The IdenTrust goal is to eliminate the previous barriers of cost and complexity associated with allowing patients to control their own healthcare data and share it only as needed with healthcare professionals. Very simply, your healthcare or patient portal provider will:

  • Directly through their portal, or through the IdenTrust secure website, collect information from you that allows IdenTrust to complete an automated identity proofing process;
  • Request that you provide a secret code generated by IdenTrust and provided directly to you, ensuring that the address assigned and associated certificate is bound to you, the identity proofed patient; and
  • Securely protect the certificate associated with your assigned address and ensure health information sent to you and shared by you with healthcare professionals is handled securely.

Depending on your healthcare provider and their implementation, you may be provided a certificate to be stored in your home computer browser or mobile phone, a token with a certificate or even a token or authenticator used to authenticate you and allow use of your certificate for health information exchange. No matter the implementation method, it is important that you do not share your password or authenticator with others.

While this process has often cost as much as $75 to $100 to complete, IdenTrust is able to offer ID proofing starting at under $15 per year, inclusive of NIST 800-63 LOA3 identity proofing and an IdenTrust DirectTrust Patient Certificate.

Your healthcare provider likely already participates in DirectTrust for communication with other providers. Let them know you are interested in receiving your healthcare information electronically and (if desired) that you would like to share healthcare information with other healthcare providers in the DirectTrust community.

The Security Underneath

Direct Messaging is built on a transport technology similar to email with an embedded and proven security technology called public key infrastructure (PKI). Certificates are used to ensure secure, encrypted communication between designated addresses in the DirectTrust community, analogous to a sealed envelope sent via registered mail with signature required in the paper world. All participants in DirectTrust are identity proofed, ensuring healthcare information shared is only between the intended physicians, provider organizations and patients. DirectTrust participants do not generally see this underlying technology, which is managed by accredited Healthcare Information Service Providers (HISPs). Rest assured, information exchanged within the DirectTrust community is authenticated, secure and encrypted.

For EHRs, PHRs and HISPs

IdenTrust provides a secure, but very simple web services interface for integration with the IdenTrust Certification Authority (CA) and Registration Authority (RA) services. DirectTrust certificates issued by IdenTrust are part of the service provided by you to your customers. Patient certificates inclusive of required identity proofing start at under $15 per patient per year, overcoming a cost barrier to providing patient level Direct Addresses. IdenTrust partners in the DirectTrust Partnership for Patients Program are expected to pass on these cost savings to patients with minimal markup to achieve program goals.

Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR), Patient Healthcare Record (PHR) and Healthcare Information Service Providers (HISPs) can retain control of customer/patient relationships to the extent desired, while making the identity proofing and certificate issuance process easy and painless for providers or patients. IdenTrust does not provide Direct Addresses, so involving an EHNAC accredited DirectTrust HISP for assignment of addresses is crucial.

For more information regarding the DirectTrust® Partnership for Patients Program and participants, please visit the DirectTrust® Partnership for Patients Program web page.

For more information regarding IdenTrust DirectTrust Certificates, Patient Certificate pricing, integration options or other questions, please contact IdenTrust IGC Sales.