Notarize is a software service that allows clients to complete the notarization process remotely and entirely online, without having to visit a notary public in person. While any document can be signed, certain documents must be verifiably accepted and signed before an official Notary Public, with over 1 billion documents notarized in the U.S. annually.

Notarize offers unparalleled convenience and security for consumers and businesses looking to have a document notarized at any time, from any location using a secure and efficient process. The service is offered to customers via an iOS application built for Apple devices as well as a desktop application for Windows or Mac computers. The service functions like a traditional notary public, but takes place entirely online.

Notarize verifies a client’s identity using an online process known as knowledge-based authentication. Once verified, Notarize takes an additional step to authenticate the client’s government issued photo ID. With Notarize, IDs are authenticated in seconds using computer imaging technology and a software-based forensic analysis. Once the client’s ID has been validated and the document is uploaded to the service, clients are then connected with a commissioned Virginia Electronic Notary Public agent via live video call. The notary public performs a final visual confirmation of the individual’s identity and then witnesses as the client signs the document. Similar to how a standard notary public operates, the Notarize agent signs, stamps and completes the electronic notarization process using digital tools. Once complete, the client may print and deliver the notarized document or send it electronically. In accordance with the Virginia statutes governing electronic notarization, all video calls are recorded so that the institution receiving the documents may verify the electronic notarization.

The Notarize remote electronic notary public service is valid in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia. In 2011, the Commonwealth of Virginia passed Senate Bill 827 and House Bill 2318, allowing appropriately certified Virginia notaries to complete remote notarization via live video call. Furthermore, a document remotely notarized in Virginia is valid across state lines due to the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the United States Constitution in addition to state laws that specifically address and accept out-of-state notarizations.

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The Notarize service utilizes IdenTrust digital certificates in two ways:

  • First, individuals who are seeking to purchase an IdenTrust TrustID Business digital certificate can use the notary services offered by Notarize to complete their IdenTrust application for a TrustID Business digital certificate1.
  • Second, all notary publics who work with Notarize are required to have an IdenTrust ACES digital certificate which is used to digitally sign each notarized document, to encrypt and seal each document to protect against tampering, to allow individuals to authenticate themselves as a notary and to provide non-repudiation for relying parties.
More on each of these options is shown below.

TrustID Business Certificates

IdenTrust enables organizations to effectively manage the risks associated with identity authentication by providing a unique, legally and technologically interoperable environment for authenticating and using identities worldwide.

IdenTrust TrustID digital identity credentials guarantee the identity of people and their business affiliation online. These credentials, also called digital certificates, provide the foundation for all e-business transactions and relationships.

TrustID Business Certificates allow individuals to authenticate themselves as an employee of an identified business or organization. This will allow the individual to conduct business by digitally signing documents to replace “wet ink” signatures (e.g. signing a contract) or to authenticate as an employee of an organization to gain access to a PKI-enabled application (e.g. a secure web server). By using TrustID digital credentials, organizations can move entire processes online resulting in reduced costs, higher revenues and gains in competitive advantage.

Prior to receiving a TrustID digital credential, employees are required to validate their identity in accordance with the governing digital Certificate Policy, by presenting government-issued documentation to an authorized registration agent or notary for inspection.

When using the remote notarization services offered by Notarize, the notarization process can be accomplished online and without delay. The online notarization process allows a certificate applicant and the remote notary to share documents for immediate notarization. Subsequently, IdenTrust can access the notarized document in an online repository and quickly complete the certificate application. A process that previously took days to complete now takes minutes.

Are you ready to:
  • Authenticate yourself as an employee of an identified business or other organization;
  • Conduct business on behalf of your organization by digitally signing documents to replace “ink” signatures (e.g. signing a contract); and/or
  • Authenticate yourself as an employee of your organization to gain access to a PKI-enabled application (e.g. a secure web server)?
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ACES Unaffiliated Individual Certificates

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1Based on existing Certificate Policies, the only type of IdenTrust digital certificate that currently allows for the remote notarization of documents is the TrustID Business digital certificate. All other certificate types require in-person notarization.