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Intesi Group S.p.A.

Length of time as an IdenTrust Trusted Partner: Since 2011

Type of partnership with IdenTrust: Compliant

Geographies covered under this partnership: Worldwide

Company Profile:
Intesi Group S.p.A. is an Italian company specializing in digital signatures, logical security of data, card processing, systems integration, and service management. Founded in 1998, Intesi established a reputation of excellence, which continues to this day. They are committed to creating and implementing highly innovative products and services, ensuring their status as a leader in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) space and a valuable resource to its clients and prospects.

With the identification of best practices and the use of advanced technologies, Intesi Group designs and delivers simple and easy-to-use solutions that govern complex issues with respect and sensitivity. With this methodology, the company is one of Italy's most reliable players in providing products and solutions for the construction of infrastructure in the design of signing and supporting technologies and for the development of applications where security is a qualifying requirement.

Dematerialization of documents with legal value, electronic invoicing, electronic storage, and treasury services are only some of the key application areas covered by Intesi Group.

Regardless of the size of the project to address, Intesi Groupís products and services can:
Simplify the integration of digital signature operations, signature verifications, and application of time stamps
Verify both the status of certificates and cryptographic devices
Interface with the Certification Authority; and
Manage the entire process so that the applicationís signature features meet all legal requirements

Contact Information:
Via Torino, 48
20123 Milano

Phone: +39 026760641
Intesi Group Logo

Digital Signature products - With its family of PkSuite products, Intesi Group offers the most powerful, scalable, and flexible implementation of services that use signatures to obtain a guarantee of authenticity and integrity in compliance with Italian and European laws. With the introduction of PkBox Enterprise COD solution, Intesi Group became the leading supplier capable of managing millions of credentials with redundant and distributed configurations, and providing support for certificates issued by different CA and authentication services using OTP managed at the individual user, even if different vendors are involved.

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