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Moving an ACES Digital Certificate to a New Computer

If you do have access to your ACES Digital Certificate, and you would like to move the certificate to a new or additional computer. Please follow the instruction below.

If you no longer have access to your ACES Digital Certificate, please see the instruction for “Replacing” your certificate.

If your certificate is housed on a Token – please install the SafeNet Software, Reboot your Machine, insert the Token and skip to Step 3.

  1. Export your ACES browser based certificates to a shared drive or flash drive.
  2. Import your ACES browser based certificates to the New Computer.
  3. Testing your Certificate on our web site.

1. Export or Back-up your ACES browser based certificates:

PC – Chrome or Internet Explorer

Click on the start menu and “search” for Internet Options> Content> Certificates. In The Certificates window, Select your Certificate

Click the 'Export' button, and click 'Next' on the first screen.

Be Sure to select Yes, export the private key. Then Click Next...

Here we select the file format to export, leave this at the default type. Check "Include All certificate in the certification path if possible" and "Export all extended properties". Click Next

Create a password for your Certificate back-up. You will use this password for Importing the certificate to another browser or another computer. Once you have entered and confirmed your backup certificate password, click next.

Click the 'Browse' button. Choose a drive and folder you would like to store the file. Then type in a name you would like the file to have. Click 'Save'. Click 'Next'.

Click 'Finish'. If it asks you to click OK, do so. If it is asking for a password, then this would be the same password it asks for when you normally use the certificate online.

NOTE: the saved file will look like an open envelope with a key in front.

MAC – OSX 10-9 – 10-10
Chrome and Safari are the supported browsers on Apple computers to allow ACES certificates to be downloaded. They both store the certificate in a program called Keychain Access which functions as a central store for security information on Apple computers. Here are directions for how to make a backup from the Keychain Access program.
  1. To locate Keychain Access, navigate to the applications folder on your hard drive, go to utilities and double click the Keychain Access program icon. You could also locate it by searching in the finder program and just double click its icon when you find the program after finder shows it to you.
  2. In Keychain Access, we will need to find your certificate by looking under the Category section on the lower left and clicking on the Certificates option. You may also have a My Certificates listed there and may need to look under both. After clicking on either ‘Certificates’ or ‘My Certificates’ a list of certificates on your computer will appear.
  3. Your IdenTrust issue will only show your name on it and if you click the arrow to the left it will show a “key from” underneath if it is the one issued to you by IdenTrust.
  4. Right click on the certificate icon next to the certificate labeled with your name and click export to start the process of backing up the certificate.
  5. Complete the certificate export making sure to change the name to something more descriptive like IdenTrust Certificate. When prompted for a password, make sure to provide a password you will be able to remember when you need to use the certificate backup file. The .p12 file form is the best to use and it is the default option. Also make sure to save the file to a folder or desktop where it can be easily found or mentally note where it’s being saved (often in Documents).
  6. At the end you will also need to be able to confirm the login keychain password. This can be the same password you initially set up to login to your computer but can be something else if you opted to change it or reset it. After successfully confirming that, your certificate backup will be saved in the location you opted to store it in. We recommend storing a copy somewhere off the computer’s main hard drive for safe keeping.

2. Import your ACES browser based certificate to the New Computer:

Locate the backup file previously saved/ exported.

Double-click the file. The "Certificate Import Wizard" will open. Click Next. And Next again

Type in the password that was chosen when exporting the certificate. The check-boxes on this screen are optional, but we recommend putting checks in both. Here is the description of each:

  1. Mark The Private Key As Exportable: If this is not chosen, then you can never export this certificate from this computer in the future.
  2. Enable Strong Private Key Protection. (If this is chosen you will be prompted to create and use a private key password).
  3. Include all extended properties.
Click Next. Select "Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of Certificate and Next" If "Enable Strong..." was chosen, then "Importing a new private exchange key" window opens. By default, it is set to Medium security if you choose to use High security, then click the "Set Security Level" button, and follow the instructions there.

Click 'OK' on the "Importing a new private exchange key" window.

It should show "The import was successful". Click 'OK'.

MAC – OSX 10-9 – 10-10
From the MAC computer, locate the Certificate file that was previously Backed- up or Exported. Double click on the icon (certificate) this will open up to the keychain. Enter the key chain password if applicable.

3. Test you Certificate on our web site:

Certificate Management Center
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