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How do I renew my certificate?

Although certain certificate/ account types may have been requested to be set up with specific renewal procedures, most have been configured with our standard renewal rules, which will be listed here.

Normally, you are able to renew your digital certificate within 90 days before your current one expires.

To renew, simply log into your account in our online Certificate Management Center to begin the process.

If renewing before the certificate expires:

  1. You must log in by using your current digital certificate (unless it is an SSL/TLS certificate).
  2. Within the Certificate Management Center, within the drop-down box under your "Valid Certificates", select the option of 'I would like to renew my certificate', and click the 'Continue' button.

It will then walk you through the renewal-request process. Here are a list of tips that our Technical Support team has found helpful to many people:
  • It will ask if you want to change your IdenTrust Passphrase. This may not be the same "password" that you normally use when using your certificate. Unless you are confident that you remember this Passphrase, you should choose to change it.
  • This process is a request for a renewal. It still needs to be processed and approved by our Registration team. Once approved, a new letter will be physically sent to you with instructions on how to retrieve the new certificates. This may take 3-5 business days.
  • If any of your information has changed (or will soon) that normally goes into the certificate, you should make sure to update that information while renewing. (in most cases, only your name and email address are in the certificate) The only time you can change information within the certificate, is during renewal. At any other time, you need to reapply to get different information into the certificate.

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