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Offering IGC certificates for digital signing and sealing

IGC certificates are offered as individual unaffiliated and business affiliated certificate types. In addition, certificates can be purchased for storage in your browser or in a hardware device.

NOTE: Each state and local agency that is covered under this program requires a specific type of certificate to be used with the agency application. As such, once you select BUY NOW, you will be directed to our Certificate Selection Wizard where we will assist you in choosing the correct certificate type for the agency program with which you interact.

A comprehensive portfolio of IGC digital certificates

Basic Assurance Unaffiliated
Duration Price
1Y $59
2Y $99
3Y $139
Basic Assurance Unaffiliated Hardware
Duration Price
1Y $69
2Y $109
3Y $149
Medium Assurance Affiliated
Duration Price
1Y $89
2Y $139
3Y $179
Medium Assurance Affiliated Hardware
Duration Price
1Y $119
3Y $269

Buy IGC Vouchers Now

Name Price
Browser $0
HID Smart Card $50
HID Smart Card use existing $0
HID Smart Card with reader $66
HID USB Token $65
HID USB Token Special $48
HID USB Token use existing $0
OTP Token includes initial server licensing $128
SafeNet Smart Card $50
SafeNet Smart Card use existing $0
SafeNet Smart Card with Reader $66
SafeNet USB Token $65
SafeNet USB Token use existing $0