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Certificate Chain Download Instructions for Internet Explorer

Before you can use your digital certificate, you must install the Root Certificate Chain in your browser. This is a simple, four-step process:
  1. Download the Root Certificate Chain file.
  2. Start the Certificate Import Wizard.
  3. Install the Root Certificate Chain file in your browser.
  4. Add Certificate to the Root Certificate.

Print these instructions. Then click the link below to begin the download process.

Download Internet Explorer Root Certificate Chain.

1. When you click the link above, the File Download window appears. Complete following actions:
Window Name Action
1. File Download 1. Click the button for:Save this file to disk
2. Click OK
2. Save As 1. Click the arrow to the right of the "Save In:" box and browse to your Windows Desktop.
2. Click Save (The file will be saved on your Windows Desktop.)
The File Download is complete! Please continue on to step 2.

2. Start the Certificate Import Wizard by completing the following:
1. Locate the file: ie or ie.p7b on your Windows desktop. (The icon looks like a paper certificate with ie below it. Note: You may have to minimize or close other programs to get to the Windows desktop.)
2. Double-click the file. The Certificate Import Wizard appears.
3. The Certificate Import Wizard has been successfully initiated! Please continue on to step 3.

3. Step through the Certificate Import Wizard by performing the following:
Window Name Action
1. Welcome to the Certificate Import Wizard 1. Click Next
2. Select a Certificate Store By default, the button is checked for, "Automatically select the certificate store..." Keep this default selection.
Click Next
3. Completing the Certificate Import Wizard. Click Finish
The Certificate Import was successful! Please continue on to step 4.

4. Add the certificate to the Root Store:
Window Name Action
1. Root Certificate Store. 1. Click Next
2. Click a Certificate Store When prompted: "Do you want to ADD the following certificate to the Root Store?" Click Yes. You will receive a message saying: "The import was successful".
3. The import was successful". Click OK

Your Certificate Chain Download is complete!

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