IdenTrust Digital Certificates enable Electronic Healthcare Records (eHR) and Electronic Medical Record (eMR) applications for Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS). These applications must meet strict U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) requirements.

Application Requirements

C R Y P T O G R A P H Y F I P S 1 4 0 - 2

FIPS 140-2 validated device that is separate from the prescribing application

Digital Signing of EPCS messages using US FBCA cross-certified practitioner certificates or server certificates

National Institute of Standards and Technologies compliant

IdenTrust Healthcare Solutions

IdenTrust offers complete identity solutions that are fully certified and proven. They enable pharmacies to use the latest prescription processing technology. Our experienced team will assist you in enabling your application for PKI. IdenTrust has relationships with all five DEA certified auditors that conduct the required audits. For more detailed information, please see our report EPCS Options for eHRs.

  • Fully DEA EPCS compliant
  • Cross Certification with U.S. Federal Bridge Certification Authority
  • Includes FIPS 140-2 validated identity credential for two-factor authentication
  • LOA3 identity proofing
  • World-class customer service

Application Provider Benefits

Enabling applications for EPCS processing is simple with IdenTrust Healthcare Solutions and offers a range of benefits.

  • No cost solution to application providers
  • Quick and easy enrollment processes
  • Support for the smallest practices
  • Use across multiple practices
  • Simple
  • IdenTrust 1st level support
  • Customized landing pages for IdenTrust partner eHRs to enable prescribers to approach IdenTrust directly for their certificates and tokens
  • Digital certificates/tokens available in bulk

Application Partners

IdenTrust cross-certified Device Certificates are ideal for server level EPCS digital signing when using OTP authentication. Digital signatures created with IdenTrust certificates can be fully relied upon by U.S. Federal agencies.

Please visit our Learn page, or contact IdenTrust IGC Sales for a free web meeting to learn about DEA EPCS requirements for prescribing applications and IdenTrust solutions.