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I downloaded my digital certificate, now how do I find it?

Unless you purchased hardware with your certificate, your certificate will be installed into your web browser. Since each browser will store and display certificates differently, below are instructions for the most common types.

Keep in mind that you normally do not need to locate the certificate in order to use it.

Internet Explorer
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • From the menu bar at the top of your screen, click on the 'Tools' menu
  • Select 'Internet Options'
  • In the box that appears, select the 'Content' tab; then click the 'Certificates' button
  • Digital certificates are listed in the 'Personal' tab (your screen should already default to this tab)
  • Highlight your digital certificate and select 'View'
  • Press the 'Details' tab to view and verify the certificate information
Mozilla Firefox
  • Open Mozilla Firefox
  • From the menu bar at the top of Firefox, click 'Tools', then click 'Options'
  • Depending on your version of Firefox, you will either have icons on the left side or on the top of the options window
  • Click the 'Advanced' icon
  • If your icons are on the left side, look for 'Certificates' in the main part of the Options window. Click 'Manage Certificates' under the Certificates heading
  • If your icons are on the top of the Options window, click the 'Security' tab, then click 'View Certificates'
  • Select the certificate you want to view, and click 'View'

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